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“The best wines are the ones we can’t wait to share.”

-Dionne Irvine

For Doug and Dionne Irvine, everything starts and ends with the land. After leaving the Rogue Valley to pursue careers afar, they decided to return home to their Southern Oregon roots and fell in love with an 80-acre ranch in Ashland, Oregon. 

Immediately they pictured a place where their three young girls could splash in the creek, their cheeks stained with sun-hot berries. A place – a life – where everything felt like it was coming together. Soon they discovered that feeling of idyllic convergence had deeper physical roots, that their ranch sat on the very spot where the mighty Siskiyou and Cascade mountains converge.

Inspired by the high-elevation terrain, they began dreaming of a family vineyard and planted the first grapes in 2007. Soon after, on a family visit, Doug’s sister Kelly Roberts and her husband Duane decided to join in the adventure… and Irvine & Roberts Vineyards was born.

With reverence for the heralded sites and characteristics of Old World wines, Doug, Dionne, Kelly and Duane embarked on a mission to create exceptional wines of deep character and elegance, in this New World region of endless possibility. 

Our Land

As keepers of the land for this moment in time, environmental stewardship is a core tenet of our work. Taking thoughtful steps to sustain this place for future generations, we’ve implemented organic practices and planted regenerative cover crops. Our collaboration with local ecologists has created a feast for pollinators, creating a nurturing ecosystem for the vineyards. Our commitment to L.I.V.E. and Salmon Safe certifications ensures this land will continue to thrive with healthy earth and clear water.

Our Community

Believing we are only as strong as the community in which we live, we’re proud to support Ashland and Rogue Valley organizations that help our region thrive. Please share in our love for local culture, arts and philanthropic organizations like the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Asante Foundation, Rogue Valley schools, farmers, beekeepers, cheese and chocolate makers.

Our Family

Each person at Irvine & Roberts is part of our extended family, united by the desire to make magic from this special site. From the tasting room ambassadors and vineyard stewards, to the winemakers and the brother-sister-husband-and-wife collective who started it all, we constantly strive for perfection. Out of love and respect for the great wines of the New and Old Worlds, we hope to add our wines to the legacy of world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.



For Doug Irvine, family is everything. He spent a part of his childhood on a ranch in southern Oregon, where his father instilled in him the value of hard work. From bucking hay to fixing irrigation pipes to rounding up cattle, Doug learned early on that farming requires dedication and perseverance.

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After graduating from UC Irvine with a degree in economics, Doug set out to develop real estate in Southern California. He met and married Dionne in 1990, and in 1997, the family moved back to Oregon to the beautiful mountain town of Ashland to raise their three daughters, Alyxandra, Carlie, and Nicolette. It wasn’t until 2005, after a revelatory experience with Gaja Nebbiolo on a vacation in Italy, that Doug had the idea to return to farming by planting a vineyard. Now, many vintages later, with nearly forty acres planted of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and a brand-new winery and tasting room just down the road from their home, Doug puts the lessons he learned from his father into practice every day. Doug’s favorite thing about winegrowing is seeing the delight on guests’ faces in the tasting room, and his reward for all the hard work is the joy of welcoming each new visitor into his extended family.



From the day she started working in her father’s bakery at age twelve, Dionne Irvine has been rolling up her sleeves day and night. Little did she dream that 3am bread making would one day become 3am frost sprinkler tending to ward off frost from their delicate vines. 

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  Following high school in Brookings, Oregon, Dionne studied real estate and soon found herself fast-tracked selling homes with some of the nation’s largest home builders. Then Doug walked into her office one day, sparks flew… and fast forward to the two launching their own real estate venture. A keen business sense, love of hospitality and a growing family set the couple dreaming about an entirely new adventure creating a winery on their 80-acre ranch in Ashland.  “She’d never say it, but Dionne is the visionary and glue behind it all,” boasts Doug. “The elegance of the place, her personal touch, it’s on everything we do.” It takes but a few moments with Dionne to realize her warmth and style is reflected in everything from the way the stunning architecture of the winery blends into the environment, to the warm welcome offered to each and every guest. The Ranch is and will always be her sanctuary, where the kids grew up picking blackberries, splashing in the creek, and hiking to the top of the butte. Her mission now is to share the unique interplay of sun and geography, her and Doug’s commitment to thoughtful, sustainable wine growing, of course pouring the dynamic wines that testify to the special nature of this place.



Duane is a visionary with a multitude of ventures. In all his endeavors, he refuses to compromise or release anything to the market that is anything but perfection. Duane has launched several successful companies over many decades, including several major food companies worldwide.

The knowledge and strength he brings to the partnership is invaluable and his attention to detail is unmatched. Kelly is the cultural ambassador, she brings style and flair to everything she touches. Kelly is a mover and takes on many tasks all at once, and somehow completes them without delays. She is on the cutting edge of food, wine, and hospitality trends and can put on an event like no other.

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