About Us


Irvine & Roberts Family Vineyards is an alluring family winery in Ashland, Oregon, where we practice sustainable farming and produce ultra-premium Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Our high altitude vineyard is adorned with distinctive soils, climate, and east facing slopes that produce wines with extraordinary balance, flavor and intensity. We believe great wines come from great soil, so we strive to be conscientious stewards of the land, protecting our vineyard soils through practices that are certified sustainable by LIVE and Salmon Safe. We admit to being obsessive with our grape growing practices to ensure quality in the vineyard, keeping grape yields low and production limited to ensure the optimal health of the vine; allowing us to produce exceptional Pinot noir and Chardonnay with elegance and balance.

In 1997, Doug & Dionne Irvine returned to their roots in Oregon with the desire to raise their daughters in the same place that they had such fond childhood memories. Choosing Ashland, they soon discovered that the 80 acre ranch they would call home turned out to be an incredibly unique vineyard site. The first vines were planted in 2007, and the journey continued from there when Doug’s sister and brother in law, Kelly and Duane Roberts, joined Doug and Dionne and created Irvine and Roberts Vineyards.

"The bottle contains a snapshot in time. One season, from the adrenaline rush of harvest through to the bottling."

Dionne Irvine


“We are absolutely passionate about creating a great atmosphere and guest experience."

Kelly Roberts


"From the start, I believed in this site and the quality of wines we could produce, as well as the strengths that we each bring to the business as family members."

Duane Roberts


"Art is a good analogy for winemaking. You get a blank canvas every year. It starts with immense possibility."

Doug Irvine



Vineyard Land Purchased


Doug and Dionne Irvine move to their 80-acre ranch oustide Ashland, the future home of Irvine & Roberts Vineyards

Vineyard planting Ashland Oregon
First Vines Planted


First 5 acres of Pinot noir and Chardonnay planted

23 Acre Vineyard Expansion


23 acres of Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier planted to an array of clonal selections

Tasting Room Opens


We welcome you to our tasting room, with stunning views of the estate vineyards and the surrounding hillsides

Completion of the Winery


Our custom-designed estate winery is completed and houses the 2017 harvest

Vince Vidrine Joins The Team


Winemaker Vince Vidrine joins Irvine & Roberts as head winemaker


Who We Are

We have a team of artisans and professionals in place to maximize the potential of this amazing site. From our tasting room ambassadors and vineyard artisans, to our management and winemakers and the distinct strengths of the family members themselves, Irvine & Roberts Vineyards is constantly striving for perfection. Out of love and respect for the great wines of the New and Old Worlds, our vision is to add our wines to the legacy of world-class Pinot noir and Chardonnay.
Doug Irvine

For Doug Irvine, family is everything. He spent a part of his childhood on a ranch in southern Oregon, where his father instilled in him the value of hard work. From bucking hay to fixing irrigation pipes to rounding up cattle, Doug learned early on that farming requires dedication and perseverance.

Dionne Irvine

From the day she started working in her father’s bakery at age twelve, Dionne Irvine has been hard at work. During her senior year in high school in Brookings, Oregon she worked nights in the bakery and drove across the border to California after school to take real estate classes at junior college.

Duane and Kelly Roberts Wine Oregon
Duane & Kelly Roberts

Duane is a visionary with a multitude of ventures. In all his endeavors, he refuses to compromise or release anything to the market that is anything but perfection. Duane has launched several successful companies over many decades, including several major food companies worldwide.

Vince Vidrine

Vince has a great deal of experience working for prestigious wineries in both Oregon and Burgundy and we’re confident he’ll expand on our initial successes to craft complex, balanced and elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.” “I am very excited about the opportunity to work with this team.``

Robert Brittan
Consulting Winemaker

Robert was the first winemaker at Far Niente in California, then spent 16 years as winemaker and estate manager at Stags’ Leap Winery before fulfilling his dream of making Pinot Noir and Syrah from cooler climates at Brittan Vineyard in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Gilly Irvine
Winery Dog

When you visit the tasting room you might meet Gilly, the escape artist. Gilly is as friendly as dogs come, he is a lover not a fighter. If you pet him, he will be your new best friend and won’t leave your side. Gilly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact at eight years old we are not sure if he knows his name.